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The Principal Is Your Pal

Isn’t that Journalism 101? From the always entertaining NYTPicker blog:

Just a few minutes ago, we got the following email from Robert (“Call Me Bob”) Christie, the NYT’s new senior vice president for corporate communications, refusing to comment to The NYTPicker regarding our latest story on the NYT’s multi-millionaire health-care blogger, Uwe Reinhardt.
“We are not going to comment given your failure to disclose your identity,” Christie wrote us. “As you understand, disclosing your name and affiliation is one the of basic principals (sic) in journalism. I hope you understand our position.”
Whether he comments for The NYTPicker or not, we think Christie is entitled to a dictionary for his new office. It’s unseemly for the nation’s best newspaper to misspell words. It’s one of the principles of journalism!


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