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The Puffington Post vs. NRO Guest-Blogger David Vitter

The entire post by Puffy poster Jed Horne is comically ridiculous, but I liked this part:

The Obama lecture is delivered in Vitter’s turn as guest blogger on the National Review’s website. The gimmick of the piece is to assign the president Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations as “required reading.” Excellent idea, in the unlikely event Obama never got around to Wealth of Nations in high school or college. But having made the assignment and still several hundred words shy of a finished blog, Vitter seems to be in deepwater, to use a word that has gained currency in recent months down here along the Gulf of Mexico.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Obama has read Wealth of Nations, as it’s one of the required readings in Contemporary Civilization, a class that all graduates from Columbia College must take. Click on “Syllabus (2010–2011)” here. Maybe one day the president will see fit to release his grades so we can see what he actually learned from the Adam Smith guide to capitalism.


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