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Race-Baitin’ Russ

The Democrats are once again playing the race card — this time in response to a hilarious ad that pokes fun at Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford, Jr. No one in the media has taken the bait more enthusiastically than NBC’s Tim Russert.

Yesterday Russert asked RNC chairman Ken Mehlman five times in a row respond to the Democrats’ phony charges  even though Ken just kept repeating that he didn’t see anything racist about the ad. Later, Russert asked DCCC co-chair Chris van Hollen what he thought of the ad. Van Hollen said he agreed with those who thought the ad was racist. But instead of pushing van Hollen to justify such a poisonous accusation — as he had pushed Mehlman to defend the ad — Russert breezed right along to the next question. (“How big of an issue is the Iraq War in this election?”)
Race-baitin' Russ
There’s absolutely nothing racist about the Ford ad, but the Democrats and their pals in the media hate it because it’s effective, and they have no shame when it comes to playing the race card.
Click here to watch and compare the two segments.

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