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Rachel Maddow Wants Her Own MSNBC Show

Air America radio hostess and current MSNBC omnipresence Rachel Maddow was interviewed over the weekend by the NPR show On The Media – which could air on Air America if it didn’t have that sweet taxpayer-funded gig — and at the end, as host Bob Garfield joked with Maddow about whether she was forced to wear a flag pin, she openly campaigned on the airwaves for the MSNBC brass to give her an hour of her own:

But literally, it causes me psychic pain to have to put on the “I’m a high school principal, I’m a U.S. senator” outfit and get the makeup and the whole thing. That’s the petty issue.
The real issue is story selection, is editorial control. I can only control what it is that I get asked to speak about in a very blunt way. That said, the way that I handle that is that I, I am gunning to get my own show. I would really like to be hosting a show on cable television, rather than guesting because I would like to exert more control over what gets discussed, over what counts as important.

It’s amazing that Maddow would think she doesn’t reaallly get to express herself on Keith Olbermann’s show.

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