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Rather: HD Will Change TV News Forever

Uh, sure:

New York, NY  (November 30, 2006) — Dan Rather, the former CBS anchor who now hosts a weekly news program on HDNet, says High-Definition TV is changing TV news forever.
Speaking to the HD World Conference and Exposition in New York, Rather said non-HD viewers can’t fully appreciate what they see on network news programs because the picture lacks detail and clarity. (The major networks do not broadcast the nightly news in high-def.)
“But when they see it in High-Definition, viewers will be less removed,” said Rather. “Some of the realities of war will hit home in a way it has never done before…They will see this is not a video game.”
“As anyone who watches High-Definition TV knows, it almost knocks you back with its increased clarity,” Rather added.

This has got to be one of the most bizarre sales pitches I’ve ever heard. Is anyone actually going to buy the argument that people aren’t taking the war in Iraq seriously because they can’t see the pictures clearly? I guess there’s one born every minute…