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Rather Is Voice of God, Wash. Times Is Voice of … Obama?

Which of these stories is stranger? From the DC Examiner:

Former CBS newsman Dan Rather is making his off-Broadway debut right here in Washington … via an audio recording.
In “Altar Boyz,” a play about a struggling Christian boy band from Greenville which runs at the Bethesda Theatre through Nov. 2, Rather plays the role of “Heavenly Voice” and thunderously declares at the beginning of the show: “Ladies and gentlemen: the Altar Boyz will be laying down the funk in … 5 minutes.” Who knew Rather was such a hipster?

Or former Washington Times-man Paul Bedard warning in his Washington Whispers column in U.S. News:

He was the president when the conservative Washington Times started. And Ronald Reagan loved it. But the paper’s politics may be changing in a direction the Gipper wouldn’t approve. Insiders say the Times, now headed by two ex-Washington Post-men, is considering endorsing Sen. Barack Obama. Times lifers doubt Obama will get the nod, but just considering it is news—and a blow to Sen. John McCain.

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