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Ratings for the Cosmos Reboot Are In

The much talked about Seth MacFarlane reboot of Cosmos aired last night  to less than “stellar” ratings.

You can watch the episode here.

Maybe the ratings stunk because the show broke no new ground. For example, here’s a list of “7 Things We Learned” from the premier compiled by I highly doubt anybody at didn’t know any of this:

1. Jupiter has hurricane three times the size of Earth

2. Our solar system has a huge shell that no one can see

3. Our universe may be part of a multiverse

4. Our cosmic perspective is relatively new

5. In the cosmic calendar, Jesus was born just 5 seconds ago

6. Carl Sagan and new “Cosmos” host Neil deGrasse Tyson go way back

7. We are made of star stuff

Well, No. 6 I didn’t know. But even my kids knew the other six, including my seven-year-old daughter who argued with her kindergarten class last year that ”star stuff” created the Earth, not God.

And next week’s episode doesn’t seem all that exciting — or, again, groundbreaking. via

A look at canine breeds and how they’re related to wolves; an examination of the human eye. Also: a visit to the Hall of Extinction.

The dog/wolf connection was a story in January and what’s new about the human eye or extinct animals? I think we have a real dud of a show in the making.




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