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Re: Good for CBS

So I watched a 6:30 newscast last night, for the first time in maybe 20 years, to see how Katie Couric treated the entire half-hour devoted to Afghanistan. And I must say, it wasn’t bad. In fact, maybe this is the start of a new format where real news stories are covered and the fluff is excluded. Not sure if the ratings would support what I want out of a MSM newscast, however. Here’s a short summary of the segments from last night, the entire episode is available here.

1.  Summary of White House bipartisan meeting with quotes from Kerry and McCain.

2.  Hillary Clinton is asked if the situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan.  Her answer dodged the question with the ”situation is mixed.”

3  A history of Afghanistan titled “From Mujaheddin to Tora Bora” with Afghanistan referred to in the segment as the “graveyard of empires.”

4.  Lara Logan on missed opportunities with interviews to back-up the claim that Afghan support faded when America shifted its focus to Iraq.  No counters to the claim were provided.

5.  Interview with McChrystal (unaired 60 Minutes excerpts) with lots of positive images, i.e. soldiers with children, etc.

6.The success story of Helmand Province, the US Marines there and the “stay and rebuild” model.  Statement made that this model can’t be used throughout Afghanistan without more troops.  Focus was on a young USAID worker helping fix roads, canals, etc.

7  Couric coverd the Karzai recount and fraud allegations with HRC.  Couric asked, “how can the US stand behind Karzai?”  Clinton responded with “we’re going to have to expect a lot more” out of Karzai.  Clinton dodged the question of  “are you disappointed in him?”  When asked how long troops will be in Afghanistan, Clinton responded with “We still have troops in Europe.  We still have troops in South Korea.”

8.  A preview of Wednesday’s show on Pakistan as a safe haven for terrorists and the dangers of improved bombs imported from Iran.

The Clinton statement on troops in Europe and Korea should stand out, as that was one of the things McCain said on the campaign trail that the Left and Obama used against him.


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