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Re: Hurricanes Are Christmas for the Media

Christmas for drought-ravaged Georgia (the state), too:

This could qualify as one of those “be careful what you wish for” moments.
Tropical storm Fay, which had been projected to become a Category One hurricane by the time it made landfall along Florida’s gulf coast this week, could eventually be the answer to some longstanding local prayers in easing the drought crisis that has plagued the state over the past two years.
Local water management officials have joked over the past few months that the best answer to the severe drought crisis would be a good deluge of rain brought on by a hurricane or its remnants.
“While no one would ever wish for a hurricane, or flooding, a good two-or-three-day soaking caused by a tropical depression will go a long way in helping out this drought condition,” said Santee Cooper spokesperson Molly Gore. “The ideal situation would be for the storm to soak the Upstate regions hardest hit by the drought. That would certainly do the most benefit, for them and all points east.”

Media Blog coverage of the lack of hurricane/drought connection here.


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