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Re: Newsweek Reporter Wanted to ‘Take Out’ Giuliani

Michael Hastings, who said he wanted to “take out” Giuliani, also included some other confessions. So how about this for standards? Violence, yes. Making Newsweek pay for your private entertainment — now that’s crossing a line:

There was no small amount of hypocrisy when it came to journalists discussing the sex lives of the people they cover, since fidelity wasn’t exactly a prized virtue among reporters on the campaign trail. For my part, I watched a lot of porn. A colleague told me the first thing he did after checking in to a hotel was to check out their porn selection. I followed his example. I’d become an expert on the various hotel chains and what they offered. The best was clearly the Hyatt Regency; the Homewood Suites had the usual selection of XX features.

He goes on to talk about the prices and titles of the porn in question, and assures Newsweek’s suits that he never expensed it.


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