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Re: Video From the 2007 Oscars

Reader D.L. writes in on this post:

Memo to the Hollywood child-rapist apologists:  You do know you that we’re going to boycott your film projects, don’t you?”

If this is meant seriously, I’d be anxious to point out that director Wes Anderson ( is on the list of petition signers (<a href="<>) .  It so happens that he has a children’s movie ( coming out this month.  I’d propose that this is the most appropriate venue for America to express its displeasure.  It’s hard to imagine that parents across America would not be incensed if they were simply made aware of Mr. Anderson’s connection to this matter.

As a personal aside I’m a long time Wes Anderson fan, and I’m really shocked and saddened by his role in all this.  Even so, if the case of Roman Polanski has the potential to provide any cultural lesson with wide significance it should be that bad choices are often tied to bad consequences in a just society.

100% agree.  I tweeted a few days ago:

@bighollywood do you know what we need? An alert whenver a Free Polanski signer has a movie coming out so we can boycott it.

And this:

Wes Anderson, Polanski apologist, is directing a kid’s movie next?…

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