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Re: When Pigs Fly

Readers report other Roger Waters experiences that were heavy, and heavy-handed, on the politics:

Apparently Roger doesn’t need no education to differentiate between a nice Middle Eastern family and Islamic jihadists who would just as soon saw off his wrinkly head with a dull knife or take out a quarter of his paying audience with a suicide bomb.

At my concert, the flying pig had “George Bush” written on its behind.  Take THAT, George Bush.  “Habeus Corpus” was also written on one side.  At this point I was convinced I had paid to watch a spoiled rich child have a 2.5 hour hissy fit while playing rock and roll (his band was quite good, by the way).


Finally at the end of the complete performance of Dark Side of the Moon, when the lyric “all that you hate” was sung in the closing song “Eclipse”, guess who was projected behind the band?  Hint:  it wasn’t David Gilmour. 


Honestly, some of these performers have become parodies of themselves.  I’m just glad I only paid 20 bucks to get in from someone trying to unload their tickets outside the arena.

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