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Reading Keith Olbermann’s Tweets

A few funny and illuminating ones from over the weekend.

First up, Keith Olbermann wasn’t a fan of Jon Stewart’s closing diss at the media, especially lumping MSNBC in with Fox:

It wasn’t a big shark but Jon Stewart jumped one just now with the “everybody on Thr cable is the same” naiveté

Adding later on if Stewart hurt his feelings:

@doughtywench he did not hurt my feelings. I thought his message, on the eve of an election full of Tea Psychos, was terribly timed

Tea Psychos. Not that we would expect anything less from Keith Olbermann. Can’t wait for the election results to come in on Tuesday to see his reaction.

Olbermann later praised David Carr’s NYT piece that finds fault with Stewart’s media critique as well.

Outstanding, David @Carr2n

And from earlier on in the weekend, Olbermann describes his strategy for the next two years. Olbermann was asked by a follower:

@KeithOlbermann What will U do if @allenwest2010, @votetimscott, @ryanfrazier2010 all elected to House, largely w/ TP support? #tcot #tlot

Which he answered:

@imau2fan do what you did with Obama. Delegitimize them from day one. Although West will probably get himself arrested for something

Again, nice knowing MSNBC is really going to attempt to fairly cover Tuesday’s Republican beat-down.



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