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Recession Hits the NY Times

The NY Observer got their hands on an internal memo from the NY Times outlining new cost-saving guidelines (via Huff Po):

Dear Colleagues,
Here’s a friendly reminder to keep spending in line. This year and for the foreseeable future we should try especially hard.
For some reason, although we have a glorious range of local restaurants to choose from, lunch and dinner expenses have gotten stuck on posh. Lunches should run about $25 a person, no more than $30; dinner should not exceed $40 a person. Our zippy new cafeteria is great for coffee, breakfast or other meals.

(I eat a lot. A lot. And don’t spend nearly $25 on lunch. Is it any wonder the Times has no clue what life is like in bitter America?)

And hold on to those receipts as if your reimbursement depends on them because it does indeed. Any expense over $25 requires a receipt (no bottom-of-the-check tabs, please). Yes, expense your snacks and water if you are traveling. But if you are not traveling, do not submit for food, snacks or water you would ordinarily buy for yourself.

(Heartache. No more free M&Ms)

We have been pushing back on late filings, especially those missing receipts. We have also declined to pay ancient expenses submitted without explanations. Your finances are just another facet of the job and its organization. It can be as simple as stuffing an envelope with receipts and filing weekly. If you wait 30 days to file, you will no doubt run swiftly past the 60-day limit.

(Welcome to adulthood you big babies.)

Leaning toward taking a cab somewhere? Try taking public transportation whenever possible. How about trips late at night or to unfamiliar neighborhoods? Sure, get a medallion cab or reliable livery service. On deadline? You got it. But in most cases, the subway gets you there and back in a jiffy.

(These clowns lecture us on global warming?)

And please don’t buy office supplies (pencils and notebooks), newspaper or magazine subscriptions or computer software. We will order it if it is necessary.

(Yes, because blowing millions on Times Select and a brand new office tower can be offset by limiting the purchase of pencils.)

Drivers, stand by for a reminder about car facts.
Thank you.

No, Daryl. Thank you!