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Reuters Misrepresents Its Own Survey

Via Greg Sheffield, a Reuters report on a new survey of global media attitudes dramatically illustrates one of the survey’s key findings: The media do not report all sides of the story.

Reuters reports that public trust in the media is down in the United States and Britain. Speculating as to why that may be, Reuters paraphrases Doug Miller, the pollster whose company took the survey:

The low levels of trust may, he said, be related to perceptions in the U.S. that the media is too close to the government on issues relating to the Iraq war.

But Reuters leaves out a key fact that might allow us to judge whether Miller is right or way off base: The survey also found that, in the U.S. and the U.K., respondents trust the government more than the media:

Media is trusted by an average of 61 percent compared to 52 percent for governments across the countries polled. But the US bucked the trend

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