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Rev. Al Back in Jail

So Rev. Al has had his big day of civil disobedience, with a few hundred protestors blocking traffic on the Manhattan-side entrances to the Brooklyn Bridge, the Queens Midtown Tunnel, the Queensborough Bridge, the Triboro offramp at 125th and 2nd, and the Brooklyn-side entrance to the Manhattan Bridge. Sharpton wants federal charges against the three racist cops (yeah, uh, two of them are black) that shot Sean Bell, and federal oversight of the NYPD.

As the race hustlers’ “real enemy” – the indispensable Heather Mac Donald — has already shown, justice has been served in the Sean Bell case.

The risk posed to New Yorkers by the police is negligible compared to the risk posed by criminals — and NYPD officers work their hearts out every day to try to protect law-abiding residents from crime.
If Al Sharpton and Charles Barron really cared as much about law-abiding minorities as they say they do, they would join the police in that mission — they’d stigmatize criminals, not the cops. They’d protest outside the jail cells of rapists and robbers who terrorize the elderly and frail; they’d call on crime witnesses to cooperate with investigators.
The sad fact is, had Sean Bell been killed by a fellow club-goer, Al Sharpton and Charles Barron wouldn’t have taken the slightest interest in him. The world knows about him only because he was killed by police officers.
Need proof? A week after Bell’s death, another groom-to-be was fatally gunned down by some robbers in Brooklyn who had just pistol-whipped three other victims.
His name was Earl Williams — and no one ever protested his death. But New York’s police force worked to find his killer — and continue today to risk their own lives to safeguard ours.


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