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Rev. Al: An Equal-Opportunity Shakedown Artist?

The New York Post recently noted the allegation in a new book, Rollin’ with Dre, that the Rev. Al Sharpton tried to extort half a million dollars from rap impresario [hip-hop mogul, take your pick] Dr. Dre. According to Dre’s former right-hand man, Bruce Williams, Rev. Al was upset over the crudity of rap lyrics on Dr. Dre’s label — so why not make Dre break him off a little sum’in sum’in?

“He said if we didn’t have [$500,000], we marching. It’s that easy,” Williams said in an interview published on

According to Williams, Al settled for a quarter million for the Harlem Boys Choir — and perhaps a quarter million for himself: the Post report is unclear.
In any case: proof positive that Dr. Dre is the man — if Rev. Al was trying to stick it to him, that is.


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