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Revisiting Ed Schultz’s Prediction

So, Ed, now that the election is over, just how close did you come in your prediction that you would beat Fox? Dan Andros over at The Blaze inquires:

Like most of America, I rarely think about Ed Schultz. But for some reason, I happened to remember his recent ‘I’m going to kick Fox’s ass!’ rant of his that made the rounds on the internet a couple of months ago. ‘We can get Fox before the mid-term. I know we can!’ the host predicted. So, I’ve decided to do what Ed hoped no one would do: a ratings follow up. Here’s a refresher:


Now, Beck has big ratings at 5 o’clock. But at 6 o’clock against me, they drop damn near through the floor. They lose half their audience. In the meantime, The Ed Show, right now, this month of August, we are beating CNN in the demographic 25-54 by 1.2 million people. In total viewers for the month of August, we are beating CNN by 3.77 million.

We’re starting to play in the arena of the big boys now. And it’s not because of me. It’s because you, the viewers and listeners to this show. Now, the other night we got as close as we’ve ever gotten to beating Fox. Bret Baier beat me by 103 points in the demo, 103. Now you see, you have to understand that, they have a big audience but, hell, they’re all old! In 25-54, we’re getting in the neighborhood.

…And you have no idea, in my bones, in my very soul! In my heart! I want to kick Fox’s ass! I want to drive them into the ground! I want to spike the ball! I want to kick ‘em in the teeth on the way back to the huddle! And then I want to turn around and lift my leg on ‘em! Because that‘s all they’re worth!

Before we get dirty and look at the numbers – a couple of quickies about that late August 27th rant.

On his ‘we beat CNN’ argument. Stu has done an in-depth breakdown, here’s the cliff note version. Notice his use of total viewers for the entire month. This is an attempt to make it sound like he’s thrashing CNN by millions! In reality, he’s barely squeaking by CNN (a network currently suffering ratings genocide) on a night to night basis. But later, when he refers to how close he is coming to beating Fox – he abandons the monthly rating and narrows it down to a single day. Furthermore, he invents a new ratings category: ‘he beat me by 103 points in the demo’. Points? This isn’t basketball, Ed. That’s 103,000 people. He also cherry picked the day he came the closest to Fox, while ignoring his humiliating defeats on all the other days. In case you still weren’t impressed, Ed reminds you that those 103,000 have a defect: ‘hell, they’re all old!’, and obviously old people don’t really count (and they wonder why we’re concerned about death panels).

Ah, so close Ed. The rest here.

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