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Right-Wing Murdochs, Blood & Gore

It’s a matter of received faith on the Left that Rupert Murdoch & Co. is a cabal of the deeper right-wingery. But the split in Clan Murdoch is apparently between dad, who’s supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton, and daughter, who’s a Obamaniac. Reports The Caucus:

Insert a new twist to the political parlor game that involves following the moves of Rupert Murdoch and his clan: his daughter, Elisabeth, is hosting at her London home a fund-raiser for Senator Barack Obama.
Ms. Murdoch is one of a slew of “event chairs,” which also includes Gwyneth Paltrow, for the April 28 event at Ms. Murdoch’s home in Notting Hill. David Blood, who runs an investment fund with former Vice President Al Gore that specializes in environmentally-friendly companies, is also listed as an “event host.”
A contribution of $2,300 offers access to the V.I.P. reception; attendance to the main event only requires a $1,000 donation.
Mr. Murdoch, of course, is chairman of the News Corporation, which includes under its umbrella Fox News and the New York Post. Mr. Murdoch had a much-discussed rapprochement with Mrs. Clinton two years ago, when the Post endorsed Mrs. Clinton in her Senate campaign and he held a fund-raiser for her. Last year, he even contributed $2,300 to her presidential campaign.

That “environmentally-friendly” investment fund is always a hoot; the principals are Blood and Gore.


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