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‘Rightwing US media’ discovered by British correspondent in Washington!

For a Guardian piece, it was a pretty exciting headline, I have to admit, right up there with “Atlantis Found!” or “Kennedy Sober!” 

Rightwing US media respond to call for withdrawal

Writes a breathless Ewen MacAskill from Washington:

Conservative US papers today condemned what they described as “appeasement” the day after the New York Times finally came out to call for the withdrawal of US troops.

The idea of stirring the vast rightwing conspiracy to action and igniting spontaneous indignation among all those “conservative US papers” had me quite hopeful – until I read MacAskill’s piece.
It turns out the inventory of “conservative US papers” was the Washington Times and the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. After that, nothing–unless you count Bob Novak’s ”regular Washington Post slot” as a ”conservative US paper.” In fact, of the eleven paragraphs MacAskill, who is the paper’s “chief political correspondent,” was paid to type for the Guardian, five of them rehash the Times’ editorial.
What a fearful and warming world Guardian reporters inhabit! I wish I were there.

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