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Risking Hyperbole …

… is there a more hyperbolic public figure than Al Gore? From today’s New York Times:

“The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk,” Mr. Gore said in a speech to an energy conference here. “The future of human civilization is at stake.”

The future of human civilization is at stake … if we don’t conform to Mr. Gore’s preferences as to how we produce electricity. No, it probably isn’t. Is anybody keeping score on this? Al Gore and his minions have become the contemporary equivalent of that guy walking around with a sandwich-board reading “The End Is Near.” How near? Anybody want to put any money on Al Gore’s ability to call the date?
This is the sort of thing that naturally goes unchallenged in the New York Times. Imagine a Republican equivalent of Al Gore — say, Dan Quayle — giving a speech claiming that we must do what he wants or it is, literally, the End of the World. If we could imagine that such a speech would be covered at all, we could be sure that it would be covered with mockery. Which it would deserve. But this slavish deferral go Al Gore, this media attempt to make him the Mahatma Gandhi of the environmental movement, is absurd, and the Times should be embarrassed for being such a big part of it.


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