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Romney Questions CNN/YouTube Debate Format

At least one of the GOP presidential candidates isn’t <a href="”>thrilled at the prospect of participating in a debate featuring virtual questions from internet junkies across the country.  Mitt Romney suggested that the format is a bit unserious for a presidential debate, and has yet to confirm whether he’ll participate in November’s on-again, off-again “YouTube” debate on CNN.  He’s the lone holdout in the crowded Republican field.  “I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman,” Romney said, referencing an bizarre questioner from last month’s Democratic YouTube debate.The final paragraph from the WaPo blog story raises another curious element to the YouTube fest:  ”Many of the questions already submitted for the GOP candidates, from a diverse set of YouTubers, are thoughtful. A 21-year-old asks the thrice-married Rudy Giuliani if he really has the character for the presidency. A 26-year-old Mormon asks Romney, also a Mormon, to explain his changing views on abortion. A 69-year-old asks how the candidates to detail their plans to reduce the size of the U.S. government.”How will this “debate” be remotely meaningful if candidates already know what questions will (or, at least, could be) asked of them?  Although I understand Mitt Romney’s misgivings about the silliness of this event, I’d be stunned if he passes up on a debate attended by all of his rivals. 


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