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Romney’s Missed Debate Opportunities

One thing I’ve written before is that Romney’s surrogates — especially the unpaid grassroots — do a much better job defending Romney than Romney himself.

I’m just thinking back to all of the zingers Romney missed.

Like when questioned on regulations like Dodd–Frank, he could’ve said, “I really like how Dodd–Frank helped prevent Jon Corzine from fleecing his customers.”

Or on outsourcing to China: “Your own jobs council has [insert number here] employees in China. Maybe you need a new jobs council?”

The angriest I got was when Romney sat back and let the president make that crack about Russia and a return to the Cold War. How easy would it have been for Mitt to say, “Tell me Mr. President, when has Russia been more helpful: when they blocked the UN Security Council resolution on Syria or when they continued to help Iran build its nuclear facilities?”

That’s all it takes. Not Romney’s long, drawn out answers.

The good news is I think Romney has the momentum and is going to win. But when he runs against Hillary in 2016, he’s going to need to get better at debating.


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