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Rush on Obama’s Speech

Good stuff from yesterday.  An excerpt:

Jeremiah Wright is a hatemonger.  He hates America.  It is patently obvious.  Barack Obama sought to excuse that today in ways that I found a little bit troubling, blamed it on his generation.  Well, he grew up in the fifties and sixties, and that’s what America was then.  Well, there were a lot of blacks who grew up in the fifties and sixties who have not become Jeremiah Wright.  Just because you grew up in the fifties and sixties does not entitle you to hate the country and not try to move forward and build a ministry around it.  It’s essentially a political movement disguised as a ministry based on the hatred of America.  When I watch tapes of Reverend Wright’s speeches, I don’t see the congregation upset about it.  I see them applauding and doing all kind of things.  Obama made it plain today, folks, that the future of America rests on one thing, and that’s racial division being healed, and which would be great if it would happen.  Those of us my age, my generation have been hoping and praying to get rid of race as a dividing issue and as an identity issue in politics and in our culture for as long as I’ve been an adult, thinking and caring about these things.  But there’s an entire race industry on the left that will not allow that to happen.  You know the kind of people I’m talking about.  It’s become very profitable for them.  

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