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Salon Gives Iran the Benefit of the Doubt

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald is attacking liberal icons Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross of ABC for their reporting on Iran:

It’s a perfect museum exhibit for how empty-headed American media stars uncritically recite whatever they are told by government officials, exaggerate or fabricate bad acts by the designated Enemy du Jour while ignoring and suppressing the precipitating acts of America and its client states, and just generally do whatever they can to keep fear levels and war thirst as high as possible.

What did they do that upset Greenwald?

Sawyer begins by warning of “a kind of shadow war being waged by Iran around the world” — based on her blind acceptance of totally unproven Israeli accusations that Iran was behind three bombings yesterday in India, Georgia and Thailand.

But what really infuriates Greenwald is the assertion that the Iranians might attack targets in America next.

But far worse, continuously warning about Iranian attacks on synagogues and other targets inside the U.S. There is literally zero evidence that any of that is happening. The text on the website of ABC News  displaying the Sawyer/Ross story expressly says: “Federal officials told ABC News that there is so far no specific intelligence of any threat to Israeli interests in the U.S.” (that didn’t make it into the TV broadcast). Yet here we have multiple media outlets — including ABC – issuing incredibly inflammatory “warnings” that Iran may launch Terrorist attacks on Jewish houses of worships and other targets on U.S. soil, all based on pure speculation and fabrication.

In Greenwald’s world, the Iranian terror plot from this fall against the Saudi ambassador and the Israeli embassy never occurred. Also, what about that 1994 bombing by Iran of a Jewish cultural center in Argentine? Perhaps for Greenwald these aren’t sufficient reasons to suspect that the Iranians might try to attack Jews in America. But don’t worry, he’ll continue to watch for any further warmongering by “state-subservient journalism.”


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