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Sargent Responds: Brady Was Lying

Now Greg Sargent says I’m not “engaging the argument seriously” because, when I reported that Jim Brady told Jay Rosen, “Actually, the desire to bring on a conservative blogger has never been related to [conservative criticism of Dan Froomkin],” I refused to provide dispositive evidence that Brady wasn’t lying.
You’ve got me, Greg. I can’t prove to your satisfaction that Brady wasn’t lying. But I can address your accusation that I did not deal with “the divergent accounts between Howell and Brady.”
Brady’s comment was itself an attempt to deal with the divergent accounts — which is clear if you read the interview. Jay Rosen is asking him to respond to what Howell had written. Brady says that Howell got it wrong.
But he must have been lying. Because Greg Sargent says so.

UPDATE: I also love how Deborah Howell — whom the left-wing blogs used as a pi


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