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Sarko’s numbers rise, tears start to fall

The Ipsos numbers for Sarkozy are now 55-45, the widest gap yet. He’s even pulling more than 20 percent of the far-left vote. Earlier today, a desperate Royal accused Sarkozy of “mimicking” George Bush. Sarkozy responded by speaking a clear, coherent and complete sentence.

The Leftwing press is now in full fury, of course. Here’s my favorite dispatch, a Guardian item by Angelique Chrisafis containing an inventory of “cries” that I somehow think may reflect more of Angelique’s sorrow than the shouts in the streets:

Despite his critics’ cries that he is a US-style neo-conservative, a racist authoritarian, and a volatile power-freak with a complex about his height, who poses on a horse to look like Napoleon charging into battle, Mr Sarkozy is coasting on the highest support of any politician in France for decades.

Definitely not for crying out loud – at least in French!

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