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Secret Service: Press Account of Threats at Palin Rally ‘Unfounded’

Another story that wasn’t:

A senior Secret Service agent said allegations that a man yelled ‘kill him” when Barack Obama’s name was referenced Tuesday during a Sarah Palin rally are “unfounded,” reports the, a Northeastern Pennsylvania news agency.

Agent Bill Slavoski — who was standing in the audience along with other Secret Service agents during the rally in Scranton, Pa. — said neither he nor the other officers heard the comment, according to the report published Thursday. 

The charges — first reported Tuesday on the Scranton Times-Tribune’s Web site — claimed that a male audience member shouted “kill him” after congressional candidate Chris Hackett mentioned Barack Obama’s name at the rally.  

Slavoski reportedly said he was “baffled” after first reading the report on Wednesday.  

Slavoski — who is charge of the Secret Service’s field office in Scranton — launched an official investigation into the charge and said he could not find anyone other than the Scranton Times-Tribune’s reporter to corroborate the story.

I wonder how many similar stories would turn out to rely on a single source — the reporter in question?


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