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Selective Outrage Over Stupak Threats

The MSM is melting down over the alleged (and deeply troubling, natch) wave of threats and violence directed at members of Congress who ignored the will of the people by passing Obamacare. This meme is pathetic. Virtually everyone who cuts a public political profile receives hateful correspondence and, yes, physical threats.  (Even this lowly blogger has even received some nasty ones over the years). It’s lamentable, and it’s wrong. 

Democrats have decided to exploit this reality by undertaking a transparent self-victimization campaign — and the media is enthusiastically along for the ride.  Liberals are trying to engender sympathy to distract from their own unpopular actions. James Clyburn says Republicans who encouraged protesters over the weekend, “aided terrorism.“ Russ Carnahan is dishonestly claiming a casket was left on his front lawn, constituting a death threat. Republican Eric Cantor, whose campaign headquarters was recently shot up, has been forced to jump into the fray to remind everyone that nutters exist on both ends of the spectrum.

Now, the infamous Bart Stupak is getting in on the act. Stupak has released a series of offensive voicemails he received after abandoning his “principled” stand against public abortion funding in the health care bill. The contents of these messages are, indeed, venomous and totally inappropriate. The media is eagerly circulating the audio because it fuels their “look out, the crazy wingnuts are gettin’ dangerous” narrative.

Curiously, Stupak chose not to make public any of the harassing calls and threats leveled against him waaayyy back when he was still seen as a major obstacle to Obamacare’s passage. Even after one report emerged that Stupak was facing relentless intimidation from the Left, there were no breathless bulletins, no public hand-wringing, no front page headlines. Curiouser. Indeed, mere days before his epic cave-job, The Hill reported how Stupak’s life had become a “living hell”:

The fight has taken a toll on [Stupak’s] wife, who has disconnected the phone in their home to avoid harassment.

“All the phones are unplugged at our house — tired of the obscene calls and threats. She won’t watch TV,” Stupak said during an hourlong interview with The Hill in his Rayburn office. “People saying they’re going to spit on you and all this. That’s just not fun.”

(Funny: I thought only Conservatives were spitters).

Pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak, standing in the way of “change,” is threatened by Leftists: MSM snoozer. Pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak, paving the way for a government power grab by abandoning his long-held position, is threatened by right-wingers: MSM national crisis.

Gee, you’d think the mainstream press overwhelmingly favors Obamacare, or something!


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