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Selling Well Is the Best Revenge

Bearing in mind the usual caveats that apply when writing about a colleague, I am happy to hear that Liberal Fascism is marching toward the six-figure mark in hardcover sales. Conveniently, some of those snarky media types who were most dismissive (and worse) about the book also have books out of their own.

A pleasing sales update, via Bookscan:
Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg: 91,246
Great American Hypocrites by Glenn Greenwald: 3,854
Right Is Wrong by Arianna Huffington: 5,495
Heads in the Sand by Matthew Yglesias: 705
Liberal Fascism may have been out a bit longer than these, but not that much longer. Unless Yglesias’s mom starts ordering books by the pallet, it doesn’t look likely that he’ll catch up. 


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