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Senate Committee: Brokaw’s Global Warming Special is Biased

Via TVNewser, Republicans on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works have issued a press release criticizing a Discovery Channel documentary on global warming, particularly host Tom Brokaw’s “lack of objectivity and balance”:

Brokaw’s partisan past and his reliance on scientists who openly endorsed Democrat Presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004 and who are financially affiliated with left wing environmental groups, has resulted in a documentary that is devoid of balance and objectivity.

The press release notes:

  • Brokaw was “offered a job in the Clinton-Gore Administration to be the director of the National Park Service in 1993″ based on the strength of his environmental views – an offer he “very seriously” considered;
  • Brokaw’s wife “serves as vice president of the environmental group Conservation International”;
  • Brokaw features scientists — like James Hansen and Michael Oppenheimer — with a long history of exaggerating the dangers of global warming and promoting left-wing “solutions” to the problem.

It’s not clear to what extent Brokaw balances the views of people like Hansen, Oppenheimer and himself with those of scientists who take a different view, but this press release leads us to believe that he doesn’t feature these voices at all. 
This is because when it comes to global warming, a journalist’s duty to report the facts is subverted to the higher calling of saving the planet from killer mutant poison ivy.

UPDATE: The real reason liberals are so exercised about the dangers of global warming.

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