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Shecky Koppel, the Bush-Hater

Ted Koppel still seems upset that the world doesn’t bow to his whims. He appeared in faux-Secretary of State mode on NBC this morning, plugging his latest irrelevant documentary that few will watch. Last night, he appeared with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show making fun of draft-dodging George Bush in Vietnam: “Thirty-five years ago, he joined the Texas Air National Guard to stay out of Vietnam. And now, he’s going to Vietnam to stay out of Washington.”

He also repeated his favorite joke about Saddam’s chemical weapons having the American receipts. He’ll be appearing with Peter Arnett at the Improv all week, har har.
Do recall that this draft-dodger humorist is the same Ted Koppel who polished Bill Clinton’s shoes in 1992, going on about what a “thoughtful and eloquent” letter he wrote to his draft board, and how none of his draft-dodging was “germane” to his ascension to the presidency.
– Tim Graham