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This Should Be Entertaining

The White House Press Corp is furious that the usual pool rules were not followed in yesterday’s do-over of the oath. Politico reports:

The White House essentially picked a fight with the press corps on Day One. 

Some members of the media are steamed about the unusual pool arrangement for last night’s re-swearing in.
The usual three wire reporters and one print pooler were on hand to record the event, but there was no TV, no radio and no press photographers as is customary.
Audio of the event got out only because one of the reporters used a pocket recorder.
There is no video of the event. And the only image circulating is from an official White House photographer.
This is not going over well among a White House press gang that defends nothing as fiercely as its own prerogatives.
In a symbolic protest, the major wire services refused to distribute the official still shot.

They’ll be no honeymoon for Robert Gibbs at his first briefing today, that’s for sure.


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