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Slain Troops’ Unit Having Success in Iraq

Fox News added some context to the story of two U.S. soldiers who were captured and killed by al Qaeda. As Malini Bawa reported, their unit has recently achieved some major successes in Mahmudiyah, where it is stationed.

Bawa reported that “the soldiers now find an average of two IEDs a day — down roughly 50 percent from eight months ago.” The soldiers have started spending less time in their vehicles and more time patrolling the streets on foot, which brings them closer to the Iraqis they are there to help. Maj. James Salome told Bawa, “We have definitely turned the corner in south Baghdad. And the Iraqi Army has control now, the Iraqi police have influence. The insurgents are not going to be able to get it back.” It’s nice to see a news organization actually following up on this aspect of the story.
Video here.


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