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Snow on Reliable Sources

Howard Kurtz interviewed Tony Snow on Reliable Sources this Sunday. Snow defended his recent handling of NBC correspondent David Gregory:


KURTZ: But when you say to David Gregory — you’re asking a question in a partisan way…
SNOW: Yes.
KURTZ: And a few months ago you accused him of asking a question that reflected the Democratic point of view.
SNOW: Right.
KURTZ: That is a really serious charge for a lot of journalists.
SNOW: Well, and I will tell you why. Because, number one, it did not reflect the stated views and approaches of the commission itself. I mean, what they had said.
Secondly, I’d only heard that particular formulation through a partisan lens as a critique of the president, rather than as a critique of — or a characterization of the report itself. Again, if you want to take a look at this, Lee Hamilton and Jim Baker both took pains to say, this is an opportunity to work in a bipartisan basis, we’re not here to look back, we’re not here to criticize.

The problem with Gregory’s question – ”Can this report be seen as anything other than a rejection of this president’s handling of the war?” — is that it was never meant to elicit a serious answer. It was designed to put Snow in an impossible position on television, and no one should be surprised that he pushed back.
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