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Sochi Media Hotels in Disarray

These stories are becoming quite common . . .

. . . Click on each link and what you’ll find are basically the same pictures and anecdotes, which has me questioning how bad the problem really is.

As this Business Insider piece on the media hotels points out, “The venues and Olympic Village all look perfectly fine, and we haven’t seen any complaints from athletes. But the hotels, specifically media hotels, aren’t finished yet and it’s a total mess.”

We’re also not hearing any complaints yet from spectators and their hotel accommodations, although it is early. 

But if any of the media in attendance find their conditions are so unbearable that they want to leave, I’m sure there are about a million-or-so bloggers, journalism students, laid-off reporters, etc. who will eagerly take their place. My advice for these whiny reporters? Suck it up and have a little fun. Who really needs light bulbs anyway?


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