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Soros Blows Fuse, Rants At Cavuto for Getting “Personal”

I think Bill Clinton started a trend: Lefties appear to have decided that when a Fox News host turns up the heat, the best course of action is to rant like a madman and slam the network:


CAVUTO:  Here’s what I’m asking you though, alright? Now your Quantum Fund is registered actually in Netherlands Antilles. So what I’m curious about is when you advocate that the well-to-do should pay more in taxes (CROSSTALK), do you see where some would say, “Wait a minute…”
SOROS: Let me say two things. First of all, I pay taxes. My fund is in Curacao. The foreign shareholders don’t pay taxes. I pay taxes on my income from that fund. My management company is located here. We pay taxes. So this is a lie. A lie that I have seen in print, and I’ve seen it repeated, so…
CAVUTO: So your taxes in this country… are they at the 35 percent rate?
SOROS: I would like to discuss policy. You are now falling into the trap of your colleagues at Fox who shall remain nameless because I think they are so disreputable, I wouldn’t want to mention their names!
CAVUTO: Mr. Soros, I don’t think…
SOROS: I respect you. That’s why I came here, alright? Let’s not get personal.
CAVUTO: What I’m asking you…
SOROS: Let’s talk about policy!

Soros continued to rant about how America is losing its principles. He also told Cavuto that Bill O’Reilly is especially ”disreputable” (or possibly “dyspeptical”). I guess those colleagues won’t “remain nameless” after all.
Video here.