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Spammers and Michael Jackson’s Death

It looks like there is a mechanism to punish people who watch too much Michael Jackson coverage:

Minutes after any big celebrity dies, Internet swindlers get to work. They pump out specially created spam e-mails and throw up malicious Web sites to infect victims’ computers, hoping to capitalize on the sudden high demand for information.

Michael Jackson’s death was no different, and security experts say the fraud artists are just getting started.

The scams started cropping up almost instantaneously as Jackson’s death was still hitting the news. As days have gone by, they’ve gotten more sophisticated — and dangerous.

Jackson’s death “took a lot of people by surprise — the spammers, too,” said Dermot Harnett, principal analyst for anti-spam engineering at Symantec Corp., a security software maker. “It might take them some time to really pounce on this issue. They are catching up pretty quickly, though.”


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