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Stephanopoulos Pops Into Washington Times Chat

A colleague pointed me to an oddball pairing today on the Web: George Stephanopoulos, the Clinton spin artist who plays a journalist on ABC, appeared briefly for a chat on the Washington Times website. I tried flinging an e-hardball at him (about how the Dems mysteriously always end up as his picks for debate winners), but he was out of the cyber-joint within about 20 minutes. Only two replies were semi-interesting:

His reading list: “WTimes, NYT, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NY Post, Financial Times and USA Today. Check in to Drudge, Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, Hugh Hewitt, Politico, Real Clear Politics, Powerline and Slate regularly on Web. Plus my reporting, of course.” Where’s NRO? Let’s hope he reads his own reporting, even if he’s just checking to make sure the Clintonite illusions remain intact.

And his Hillary spin of the day: “If she were interested in a Cabinet position or Supreme Court slot, I’m sure a President Obama would consider her. More likely, I think she would look to become a long-term powerhouse in the Senate. Unlikely she would challenge an incumbent President of her party in a primary. But eight years from now, Senator Clinton would still be young enough for another shot at the White House.”

That’s why she always skates like Dorothy Hamill around the question of whether McCain’s too old to run.

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