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Steyn Takes On the AP, NBC’s David Gregory

Mark Steyn covered a surprisingly broad array of media topics in an interview with Bill O’Reilly last night, which I missed (I was preparing a tasty fruit salad), but which I viewed this morning courtesy of Hot Air. Steyn started on the AP:

I believe that the majority of American newspapers which is full of Associated Press content on the central issue of our time they are either dupes at best or actually semi-treasonous and colluding with the enemy and demoralizing America on the home front, including having agents of the enemy on their payroll. This is a disgraceful organization.

Ouch. Next up: NBC’s buffoonish David Gregory, who recently got into another altercation with Tony Snow:

Well, I think David Gregory is not typical because he is interested in the David Gregory vaudeville show and if I was in some second-rate vaudeville house in 1873, I might think it was very entertaining. It’s lame entertainment for the 21st century because that’s not what it’s about. This is not about landing a question on Bush. This is about strategic interest of the super power and, in fact, the question for the rest of the world is whether this country still is a super power. It’s not the David Gregory show.

He also commented on the beltway media’s absurd infatuation with the Baker-Hamilton Commission:

But what’s interesting is when you look at the people who showered praise on this Iraq Study Group report, which I think is mostly the lamest kind of platitudinous generalities that anybody could produce. Any semi well-informed person could produce. Plus several really bad ideas. It’s not cut and run it’s basically chat and run. We will do a bit of talking as we retreat. I would like to see some discussion from people like David Gregory on what’s actually in that report. But there is very little of that.

Kathryn remarked that “platitudinous” might be the biggest word that’s ever been used on Fox. I’m too lazy to run a Nexis search, so let’s just say it’s true. Watch the inimitable Mark Steyn, anything but platitudinous, right here.