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Stossel to the Rescue?

ABC News is taking a great deal of richly deserved ribbing over its decision to more or less create an infomercial for socialized medicine on behalf of the Obama administration. As a number of critics have pointed out, they wouldn’t have to look far to find somebody to balance and challenge their views: John Stossel is in the building, after all:

… perhaps some representative of those being pillaged should be involved. If ABC News plans to put their money where their mouth is, they’ve already got a built-in solution: John Stossel.

Not only does Stossel work with ABC News, he clearly doesn’t reside in the same camp as the pillagers.  Here’s some very recent footage of Stossel with Judge Andrew Napolitano (skip to 1:45 for my question to Stossel) discussing the big health care issues of the day.  ABC could dump either Diane Sawyer or Charles Gibson and add Stossel to the line up to provide a bit more balance.

The current Republican leadership has nothing to do with opposition to ObamaCare, save that they pick up a few bucks, media smears and donations along the way.  The folks who adamantly oppose White House health care schemes are the same ones challenging (with principle) GOP leaders for their hypocrisy: libertarians.

Give us a break, ABC!


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