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Strip-Searching Scooter as the Maniacs Fly By

Regarding that NYT article on German intelligence — which the German government has disputed — RedState gets the essence: “New York Times Warns Foreign Leaders: Do Not Help the U.S.“:

In a startling breach of international etiquette, the New York Times today warned foreign intelligence services not to assist the United States. The warning was backed by public disclosure of highly secretive assistance provided to the U.S. military on the eve of the Iraq War.
“German intelligence services helped the United States invade Baghdad, and will now pay the price,” the Times effectively told intelligence services worldwide. As it has in the past, the Times published classified information to bolster its latest attack on U.S. interests.

Foreign intelligence services are now on notice that the so-called “newspaper of record” intends to publicize their interactions with counterparts in the United States, despite any assurances of secrecy.

In addition, the NYT is suing the Pentagon, demanding that it turn over more classified information on the NSA spy program — as if exposing the program in the first place wasn’t bad enough.
As Washington spent the year following the farcical investigation into who told the press that Joe Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA, the NYT, WaPo and other major news organizations have published story after story compromising real U.S. intelligence-gathering sources and methods. It’s as if the traffic cop, after pulling over Scooter Libby for speeding, proceeded to strip-search him, call for back-up, and take apart his car looking for heroin — ignoring the dozens of drunken maniacs doing 90 the wrong way, howling insults out the window and flipping the bird. How long are we going to let them get away with it?

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