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Suggestion for the Networks: Cancel NYT Subscriptions

This week on CBS News Public Eye’s “Outside Voices” feature, reporter Dan Bobkoff offers a provocative suggestion for the big three network news shows:

The first step toward originality would be to turn off all the TV’s in the newsroom. Producers love watching the “competition” on a row of monitors while they work, and will note with glee if they air an important story five minutes before another network. But watching each other doesn’t create a better product; it creates sameness.
After they turn off the TV’s, they should cancel their subscriptions to The New York Times. The paper’s great, but it shouldn’t be TV’s job to read the paper and then steal the feature stories for that evening’s newscast (unusual baby names, ABC?)
With nothing to copy off the TV or from the papers, the newscasts then could think about broadening what they cover.

It’s a great idea, but from what I know about the network news shows, asking them to go without the New York Times is like asking their anchors to go without teleprompters — the Times is the script.


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