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Sulzberger Responds to WSJ

Arthur “I apologize for the Iraq War” Sulzberger has responded to today’s WSJ editorial, which slammed the NYT for publishing a story that compromised the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program. Sulzberger told E&P:

“I know many of the reporters and editors at The Wall Street Journal and have greater faith in their journalistic excellence than does the Editorial Page of their own paper. I, for one, do not believe they were unaware of the importance of what they were publishing nor oblivious to the impact such a story would have.”

Let’s analyze Sulzberger’s argument: The editorial page of the WSJ disagrees with the NYT’s decision to publish, and it argues that its news department probably would not have made the same mistake. Therefore, the editorial page of the WSJ lacks faith in the “journalistic excellence” of its reporters and editors because they would not do as the New York Times did.
Does Sulzberger even realize how arrogant this is? He’s defined “journalistic excellence” as ”the decisions and actions of the New York Times.”


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