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Summertime = Global Warming

Since the central air at National Review world headquarters malfunctioned earlier today, I thought I’d do what everybody else is doing now that the summer is in full swing and everyone is feeling a little hotter: talk about global warming.  Latest item of interest is this article, “Early warning system set up to detect global warming.” Never mind monitoring temperature or glacier meltdown, these brilliant scientists are planning to spend their time watching grass grow — almost:

Sixteen one-square-meter plots will be staked out in the alpine tundra just below the summit of each peak – four in each of the four cardinal directions. Temperature and vegetation will be monitored periodically. […]

It seems that global warming is so out of control that the vegetation is moving fast enough to track. Later, Summit Daily News leaps from newspaper to science journal, conveniently leaving out any mention of the serious disputes over what is causing global warming:

Climate models suggest that by 2100, Colorado could warm 3.6 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit, largely due to the buildup of heat-trapping “greenhouse” gases emitted when fossil fuels are burned

There seems to be no better time than the summertime to sell the public on global warming. 

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