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Sununu, ABC Missed You!

The former White House chief of staff gives an ABC reporter asking him about Fred Thompson and abortion grief:

“He never met with me,” said Sununu. “I have absolutely no recollection of Fred Thompson coming in to see me, I don’t think it ever happened, and he never lobbied me on that issue.”
Asked if it was possible whether Thompson met with someone on his staff to lobby the first Bush White House to relax a controversial abortion restriction, the famously prickly Sununu flew off the handle.
“You know, with all due respect, may I comment on that? That’s the kind of dumb question that makes you wonder what’s wrong with the press. How do you get a job working for ABC asking a question like that? Did he meet with someone on my staff? Did he meet with someone in the street?” asked an incredulous Sununu.


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