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Suze Orman on AIG

FWIW, Here’s Suze Orman from Larry King last night:

Larry King: A few months ago, you said on this very show that you would be worried if there was another big government bailout. It’s now happening. Should the government be helping AIG?
Suze Orman: Well, in this particular case, I have to tell you they should. Bear Stearns, very different. Lehman, very different. AIG is an international giant that just doesn’t have ramifications here in the United States. It is worldwide. They’re like in 130 countries. They have 100,000 employees. Everybody has an AIG insurance policy. So in this particular case, my opinion, thank God, they bailed out AIG.

The editors of the WSJ are withholding an opinion of the AIG bailout this morning, but are praising the Fed for holding interest rates steady.