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Tamimi Advocates Terrorism. Again.

Azzam Tamimi is back in the news:

A British-based Muslim radical appeared to back suicide bombing yesterday when he claimed that dying for your beliefs was ‘just’.
Dr Azzam Tamimi told an 8,000-strong crowd that standing up for your principles was the ‘greatest act of martyrdom’. The 51-year-old was speaking at the ExpoIslamia convention in Manchester.
The Palestinian-born academic – who previously boasted he would carry out a suicide bombing in Israel – also repeated his public backing for Hamas, which remains banned in the UK.
He said: “The greatest act of martyrdom is standing up for what is true and just. Martyrs are those who stand up and stand up in defiance of George Bush and Tony Blair. You stand up to them and you say desist. Stop this injustice. Stop this oppression.”
Dr Tamimi claimed the war on terrorism was a war on Islam. “We are Muslims in Europe, not European Muslims,” he added.

Earlier this month the AP quoted Tamimi in an article about the London terror plot, letting him air his excuses for terrorism without disclosing his history of openly advocating it. Last week Tucker Carlson went off on him for declaring that the London terror arrests were probably just a conspiracy carried out by Bush and Blair for political gain.


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