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Targeting Tomlinson

When President Bush has renominated Kenneth Y. Tomlinson to another term as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (the agency that oversees Voice of America and other international broadcasting efforts), it was inevitable that the press would resume its campaign to undermine him. As chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Tomlinson tried to balance the leftward slant of PBS and NPR. The mainstream media cried bloody murder then, and they continue to view Tomlinson as a public official to be opposed at every turn.
This AP article about Tomlinson’s renomination is a perfect example. The article lists all the scurrilous complaints Tomlinson’s Democrat adversaries have lodged against him, offering nothing in the way of balance except for a tepid, “Tomlinson disputed the allegations…”
Tomlinson did quite a bit more than that. He provided ample evidence demonstrating that the charges were baseless — evidence that the press will continue to ignore in its campaign to oust Tomlinson from public service.