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The Tea Party News Network Raising $ for WiFi at CPAC

Below is the e-mail press release I received from the “Tea Party News Network.” I have no idea why it costs $75,000 to get WiFi access at the CPAC conference, however. 

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Tea Party News Network is spearheading an effort to raise $75,000 so that attendees to this year’s CPAC convention from March 14 to 16 will have free access to wireless internet. 

“We’re delighted that we could step in and provide internet for CPAC. It’s all well and good that mainstream media organizations can shell out hundreds of dollars for internet, but for many of the thousands of bloggers and conservative activists that will be there, paying that steep a price for internet is an undue burden,” said Scottie Nell Hughes, News Director of the Tea Party News Network.  

“Bloggers and CPAC goers alike are extremely thankful for what TPNN is doing in trying to provide WiFi for the conference this year. The venue change has provided great anxiety for everyone, and bloggers not having free or affordable WiFi would have proved to be nothing short of a disaster. Activists from across the country who rely on these citizen journalists would have had less coverage of the largest gathering of conservatives at a time when we are all calling on more communication, not less. I’m proud to see a major blog like TPNN step up to benefit the movement as whole,” said Ali A. Akbar, President of the National Bloggers Club.

“There were rumors that bloggers were going to be asked to shell out $250 for an internet connection on the floor of the hotel at CPAC. So, having TPNN step in to cover the costs is a game changer for conservative bloggers. It’s great to see that TPNN understands the importance of the new media to the future of the conservative movement and is backing it up in a powerful way,” said John Hawkins, a blogger at Right Wing News.



Over the next two weeks, the Tea Party News Network and its partner organization, TheTeaParty.Net will raise funds to help defray the $75,000 cost of providing internet over the conference’s three days. The website can be found here.

About TPNN: The Tea Party News Network is the Tea Party’s only trusted news source and the antidote to mainstream media bias.  Working on behalf of neither candidate nor political party, TPNN covers the stories other outlets ignore, holds politicians of both parties accountable for their promises, and pull sno punches in our principled commentaries on the national scene. TPNN’s single motivation is to tell readers the truth about the Washington establishment, our elected officials, and the depth of their fidelity to constitutional principles.    




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